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Diagnostic Tools

Can I diagnose a/c with OTOFIX?

Does this come with an OBD adapter?

Do you have to have wifi to use this scanner?

Can I change language to another one, except English?

Can this scanner work on both 12 volt and 24 volt vehicles and heavy duty trucks?

Why am I unable to use Paypal or Apple Pay to purchase software/updates directly?

Why am I receiving an "Install Failed" error when attempting to download software?

Why am I receiving the error message "The vehicle does not support current language"?

When should I upload data logs via MaxiTools?

Why am I receiving an error message after factory resetting my device?

Why is my device stuck on the startup screen?

Why has the program stopped?

What should I do if the update list doesn't load?

What if the update list is loaded up?

Battery Testers

What is the CCA range it covers?

Will it test a 6v golf car battery?

Can I add an extra language to this OTOFIX tool?

Will it tell you actual and accurate cranking amps?

What types of batteries can OTOFIX BT1 diagnosis?

Does this OTOFIX BT1 do as a scanner and battery test?

Can it test the batteries that are low or completely discharged?