Get to know about OTOFIX Car Diagnostic Tools (video demonstration)

1 OTOFIX D1&D1 Lite Introduction 

The OTOFIX D1 series is a game-changer offering advanced vehicle diagnostics in an easy-to-use, lightweight, low-profile Android-based touchscreen tablet.

Want to know what can OTOFIX D1 series do? Want to know the differences between OTOFIX D1 and OTOFIX D1 Lite

 The difference between the D1 and D1 Lite lies in their diagnostic prowess. Only the D1 can perform Bi-directional controls, active and functional tests. Meaning with the D1 in hand, the technician can command and test every computer-controlled vehicle component and relay including those of the fuel, HVAC, and braking systems. And, only the D1 can perform advanced module servicing as coding, IMMO and adaptations.


OTOFIX D1&D1 Lite Diagnostic Functions Demonstration


OTOFIX D1&D1 Lite Service Functions Demonstration


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