OTOFIX Car Battery Tester BT1 and BT1 Lite Video Tutorials


OTOFIX Car Battery Tester BT1 and BT1 Lite are starting and charging system testers, meaning they can test the vehicle’s battery, starter, and alternator and quickly give you a detailed health status of each component.

1/9 OTOFIX Battery Tester BT1 lite+BT1 Introduction and Unboxing

2/9 BT1 Lite In Vehicle Test with Toyota Camry

3/9 BT1 Lite Out Vehicle Test with Toyota Camry

4/9 BT1 In vehicle Test with BMW 


5/9 BT1 Out vehicle Test with BMW


6/9 BT1 Battery Resets with BMW


7/9 BT1 Diagnostics with BMW


8/9 BT1 Battery Replacement with BMW


9/9 Full function demonstration OTOFIX BT1(French) + BT1 Lite by YouTubers

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