Thanks guys! Check this OTOFIX D1 product test video made by Diagnostic World!

If OTOFIX D1 catches your eyes and you want to know more about this Bi-directional diagnostic tool before making up your mind then you should absolutely check this video. It could be seen as a professional user guide with function demonstrations and hands-on practice.


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Here are some high light point that you should know about OTOFIX D1


1 Auto VIN-Auto detection of car VIN code

The first thing you should know about OTOFIX D1 is AutoVIN. The Bi-directional diagnostic tool D1 could automatically read the car VIN number for you once connected to the vehicle. Then it will automatically find the brand and series number of the vehicle.



2 Explications of fault code

In the diagnostic test result, OTOFIX D1 will show the fault code along with the right ones and pinpointed the fault code for you so that you know exactly where the fault codes are.

When connected to WIFI, OTOFIX D1 could give you detailed description of the fault code.


3 Live Data

OTOFIX D1 provide you with Live Data information. In the video OTOFIX D1 shows the live data regards to certain dpf sections. You can also see the graphic images. The Live Data shows not only test engine but also abs system etc.


4 Data Management and language support

OTOFIX D1 can store diagnosis results and send it by e-mail. Also it can save the vehicle information so that you can choose the car information next time you test it. OTOFIX tools support 10 European languages: English, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian and Swedish. You can choose the language which you want to be installed on our official OTOFIX website.

Click here to download the Quick Guide / Full User Guide / Packing List for OTOFIX D1

Check the full list of OTOFIX D1 vehicle coverage 

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