OTOFIX IM1 Official Video Tutorials

OTOFIX IM1 is a professional car key programmer and immobilizer combines key programming and all systems diagnosis options. 


1 OTOFIX IM1 Unboxing And Introduction

Let's check what's included in the OTOFIX IM1 case: The 7-inch screen light weight tablet, the bluetooth OTOFIX V1 VCI connector for OBD 2 port, the OTOFIX XP1 programmer and its connection cable, professional chipsets that can be used for eeprom programming.  


2 OTOFIX IM1 All Key Lost With MAZDA 

This video take you through step by step the all key loss process for a Mazda using the OTOFIX IM1. For Mazda and Ford models you need to always have 2 keys paired withe the vehicle therefore if you lost all your keys you will need at least 2 blank keys and add them during this process. 


OTOFIX IM1 All Key Lost With JEEP

 This video shows how to add a car key using the all key lost process on the OTOFIX IM1 on 2018 JEEP Grand Cherokee. 


OTOFIX IM1 Adding a key with SUBARU

To add a key for 2020 Subaru, we need one working key and one blank key. It's important to perform an all system scan before attempting any immobilizer and key programming fuction to ensure that all related systems are fault code free. 


OTOFIX IM1 Adding a key with MALIBU

Using the OTOFIX IM1 to add a key to 2018 Malibu is quite easy. This process is called key learning. The IM1 makes key learning so simple that it takes less than 20 minutes. 

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