User Manuals and Quick Guide For OTOFIX Now Online!

Dear OTOFIX Lovers 

User Manuals and Quick Guides as well as package lists for ALL OTOFIX Products(IM1 / D1 / D1 Lite / BT1 / BT1 Lite / ) are now Online! 

Click here to check all the OTOFIX file for download 


1 OTOFIX Quick Guides

We provide Quick Guides for OTOFIX Tools in 5 languages :English, German, French, Spanish, and Russian. 

The OTOFIX Quick Guide will give you a clear and quick introduction about our tools. Take the picture below as an example.


Also Quick Guide will allow the user to get start with OTOFIX Tools rapidly by illustrating the procedures. 

OTOFIX Quick Guide


2 OTOFIX User Manual 

User Manual is the compete user guide of OTOFIX tools. It's a pdf file of 80-90 pages. We recommend you to save User Manual to your computer or iPad. 

User Manual will go through each function of your OTOFIX tool such as active test,TPMS service,Electric Parking Break(EBP) Service. And it will help you to read the status of your tool.

Also OTOFIX User Manual also provides maintenance instructions and full service procedures. 

3 Packing List 

Dose OTOFIX package contains chargers and cables? Does OTOFIX IM1 contains EEPROM Adapter? To have an idea about what's contained in the package, please check our packing list for each tool.

OTOFIX Packing List


Click here to check all the OTOFIX file for download 

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