Check OTOFIX Full Key Programmer Kit for Professional Locksmiths


OTOFIX provide professional solutions to European vehicle workshops and locksmiths.  To complete our collection of IMMO tools I'm honored to present our Full Key Programmer Kit for Professional Locksmiths which contains OTOFIX IM1 + OTOFIX XP1 + Autel G-box 2 . 


OTOFIX Key Programmer IM1 is a fast, easy-to-use, and ultraportable immobilizer and key programming device. Together with the ability to quickly diagnose all modules of the majority of the makes and models on the market, IM1 provides you with superior special functions. OTOFIX IM1 is the perfect solution for vehicle workshops and technicians who demand affordable and powerful IMMO and diagnostic tools.

OTOFIX Key Programmer IM1 features 

Key Read / Write
EEPROM / MCU Read / Write
Read PIN / CS (All Key Lost)
Key Generation
Key Learning
Remote Learning
Backup / Restore IMMO Data
IMMO ECU Reset / Adaptation
IMMO ECU Refresh / Coding
BMW FEM / BDC Key Learning and ECU Adaptation
VW / AUDI MQB Key Learning, 48 Transponder (96-bit) Add Key, All Key Lost, A6 All Key Lost, and More 


OTOFIX XP1 Pro features

Expanded EEPROM functions for more component access
170+ types Odometer component reading functions
180+ Immobilizer ECU component types
40+ Engine ECU component types
2000+ MCU component types
440+ EEPROM component types


Autel G-BOX 2 Features:

Supports Mercedes Benz All Keys Lost, faster calculate password
Supports IM608 or IM508 with XP400
Used for Faster Mercedes ECU data and EIS password calculation
Mercedes DAS3 can EIS/EZS all keys lost
Reduces reading time of W204 ECU data & W207 EIS by over 85%
No need to remove and reinsert the key for W221 & W164 after 2009 models
Can read and write BMW DME/DDE ISN in boot mode
Compatible with Auro IM600 & Auro IM100 with XP400

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