OTOFIX - Programmable Smart Key Watch: A smartwatch you never knew could do and unlock the vehicle

1. Two Colors and Two Forms

Form 1 : with VCI

• Easy Programming via VCIs.

• A VCI supports only one match to ensure safe use.

• Offline dealers or locksmiths can provide technical support

Form 2 : without VCI

• Professional and convenient pairing through the dealer or locksmith without owning a VCI

• For models that do not support Easy Programming , dealers or locksmiths can use professional tools to complete the watch programming

2. Core Functions: Smart Watch, Smart Vehicle Key, and Easy Programming

Smart Vehicle Key Function

Support one-touch car locating, unlocking/locking doors, raising/lowering windows, and opening the tailgate; Support voice control, use the corresponding voice recognition words to achieve voice control over the car key function, completely free your hands.

Easy Programming

No need for locksmith, owners can match by themselves through the product optional VCI + Autel Link APP.

App guides owners for Easy Programming with the vehicle without locksmith, owners can pair the watch with the vehicle by themselves through the product pairing VCI + Autel Link app, covering 1000+ models with minimal pairing and DIY stress-free. Support VW, BMW, Honda and other brands, covering 80% of mainstream smart key models.


The intersection of style and cutting-edge technology

• AMOLED HD touchscreen with sculpted beveled glass

• Simple, Easy-to-Use User interface

• Receive calls, read messages and listen to music with Bluetooth connection to phone

• Hands-free vehicle infotainment system control via phone

Exercise and health management functions

• 12+ Sports Modes including Running, Walking, Stationary Cycling, Hiking and Yoga;

• Health Monitoring: Heart Rate, Pulse Ox, Sleep;

• Breath Training and Stand Reminder.

OTOFIX - Programmable Smart Key Watch

Other Functions

The Watch displays weather information of your current location; After the Watch is successfully paired with a mobile device via the Autel Link app, the Watch will vibrate to notify you when a new message is displayed on the mobile device. The Watch uses the GPS data to track movement during outdoor exercises such as running, walking, cycling, and mountain climbing. The Watch can play saved music and music on the mobile device after the Control music in mobile phone via watch function is enabled on the Autel Link app.(The music feature is only available with Android mobile devices) Support alarm clock, stopwatch, calculator, altitude barometer, compass and other gadgets, accurate display data, creating your personal life assistant.

OTOFIX is the latest line of intelligent automotive diagnostics D1 Pro, D1, D1 Lite and programming tools from Autel Intelligent Technology Corp.

Our tools scan your automobile’s on-board computer, its battery, and even its keyless entry system for any problems, and helps you fix them on the spot.

No longer the secret domain of commercial repair shops, OTOFIX makes these technologies available to you - at an affordable price and in a convenient design.

With OTOFIX hardware and software, you will have tools designed to address the needs of your specific vehicle make, model, and year. And you’ll always have the trusted support of Autel at your fingertips.

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